Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Filipendula Rubra

Filipendula rubra is an imposing plant when it is happy in the garden. It prefers damp, even boggy soil. With adequate moisture it will quickly grow into a lush mass.
I created a small bog garden a few years ago with a rubber pond liner buried about 1 and 1/2 feet under rich soil. The little garden is only about six feet long. Unfortunately I planted some filipendula in this garden along with more delicate plants, Japanese iris, trollius etc. By the end of the first summer the filipendula had filled the little garden and eaten most of the other plants. I dug out the filipendula and put it in another somewhat drier garden with some raspberry wine monarda. But the last few summers have been very wet and the filipendula and monarda have create a wild and colorful mass that I just leave to its own devices. Weeds are no match for these happy giants. In the bog garden the filipendula returns each spring but I am quite ruthless about evicting it.
The lovely cool, sunny weather continues. Heaven.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lady Bells

Adenophora liliifolia or lady bells is a lovely, graceful weed. It grows every where in my garden, especially where I don't want it. I can't imagine an easier flower to grow. It is hardy from zone 1 to 10! It prefers sun but grows well in shade. About two feet high the lovely spires don't need staking. The soft blue purple never clashes with neighbors.
We have finally had a few days of sunshine after a long month of rain. It is cool though which is fine with me. My husband is fretting because there may be no tomatoes this summer but I will gladly give up the vegies for cool weather.