Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I am sure that the gardens are in bloom in Ireland today, while we are still mired in snow and mud.
My husband is Irish and we had a wonderful vacation there several years ago.
The beach picture was taken at Tonakeera Point in Connemara, one of the world's most beautiful secrets. We had this lovely spot to ourselves even on a sunny day in July.
Irish gardens are beautiful; the second picture here shows the Burren from the Greggins Castle garden.
Think green today! You can see more of my Ireland photos on Etsy.

Find of the Day:

blimey limey squishy delicious fiber batt
How about some Irish merino wool batting fopr your crafting needs? And what better color for St. Patrick's Day than this gorgeous chartreuse with a little hot pink, wow!
This batt can be ordered direct from Ireland from Maisiehandspun on Etsy.

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Anonymous said...

Ireland looks so beautiful and green. Lucky you to have visited there! Normally it would be muddy here in spring too, but we've been quite dry. Our summers are usually dry, but not this early, so I'm worried. Poor hubby dotes on his lawn so much, and it needs plenty of rain to please him.