Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer in Spring

We discovered a possible tragedy in the garden yesterday. I mentioned that many perennials that had emerged too early had been damaged by last weeks frosts.
We have a beautiful red Japanese maple right behind the house in front of the garden. It is a lovely litle tree that my husband has lightly pruned to a bonsai shape, though much larger.
But all of the foliage is dead, another victim of the early warm spring and later frosts. The tree is alive and we are crossing our fingers that it will recover. The loss of this tree would be devasting.
Meanwhile the peonies, iris and poppies are beginning to bloom, again at least a week early. The bloom will be brief if we get the record heat predicted for mid week. I'm planning to cut them quickly for big bouquets to photograph.


Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...


I hope you don't mind - I've used one of your inspiring images on my blog today (found on Craft Gawker). Let me know if you would like me too remove it.



melissa said...

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Vanessa D. Alexander said...

Just stunning. Enjoy your garden photography so much.

Katie - ToyStoryNutty said...

I love flowers! Those are BEAUTIFUL!