Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feverfew, Classic White Daisies

Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium, is a popular herb but also I think a lovely garden flower. Some people may scorn it as a weed, and it does self sow quite readily, but I think the little white daisies are a always welcome in the heat of summer. And they are beautiful in a mixed bouquet or by themselves in a jug.
But it is early February now, no need of cooling flowers. However, if you want them this summer February is not too early to sow them and grow them on under lights for blooms this summer. Feverfew is very easy to grow from seed, just put the seeds in little pots of dirt and they will grow.
Feverfew is a perennial but not long lived though you will probably have them forever unless you are a more diligent weeder than I am as they sow themselves around the garden. Small plants, they can fit themselves in most anywhere and do no harm.

Find of the Day: Not quite a daisy but these lovely petals make a unique and beautiful lamp. This lovely lamp is the ultimate in recycling since it is made from plastic bottles hand cut into petal shapes. Each petal is also hand painted with pretty designs. Amazing, actually astonishingly creative.
This lamp is available from the Etsy shop Gulguvenc.

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