Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Autumn Memories

Watching the inaugeration yesterday filled me with pride, seeing all of America's promise and potential; America renewed as a beacon of hope throughout the world.
Thinking back over the campaign I also remember the spectacular foliage season we had in New Hampshire this fall, the most brilliant, long lasting color we have seen in many years.
Prior to this fall we have had several disappointing seasons. There is much speculation and little agreement about the reasons. I do know we had a few early frosts this year which some say are necessary for a burst of dramatic color. Without these early frosts the leaves just seem to fade to brown.
The first photograph shows foliage reflected in the Ashuelot River. The second shows the 200+ year old maples along the west side of my old homestead. My house was built in 1796, and I think the Maples must have been planted at about the same time. How thoughtful of the original settlers to plant these trees for us to enjoy hundreds of years later.
Planting trees along the western edge of your homestead was common in New England, a protection from cold winter winds from the west and a cool canopy for the summer.

Find of the Day:
Isn't this scarf spectacular? As glorious as a perfect Autumn day. The rich colors are hand painted onto velvet: available from MelissasMelange on Etsy.

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