Saturday, January 17, 2009

Orchids are Forever

A relatively balmy night, it only went to 9 below zero. Snow is predicted for tomorrow.
So my thoughts remain in warm places with tropical flowers.
These wonderful orchids are tropical and have a special warmth for me since they were a gift from my best friend Elaine (since high school!) who has sent me orchids for my last three birthdays.
The first photograph, "Out of the Mist" is a reflection in an old mirror, the second shows the same orchid under water.
I cannot give much advice on growing orchids, I am not very good with potted plants in general. However, they flower for months if they are not overwatered or totally abandoned.

Here is my little toy poodle Rory in a sweater Elaine knitted her for Christmas. Warm and frilly, I think she is so elegant with pearls and ruffles across her rump.

Find of the Day:
I am amazed by this woman's art, these are real orchids, immortalized in resin. She is a Brazilian designer who sells her work throughout the world including her Etsy shop Bella Brazilian Design
All of here jewelry is made from real flowers, many from orchids and roses. Astonishing and beautiful.

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